Evaluating Corporate Relocation Companies and Selecting the Right Partner for You

World globe with airplaneIn developing specifications for a new, outsourced provider, it is best to begin with an evaluation of your current process and policies, and a frank assessment of how well they meet the needs of your internal customers (recruiters, managers and relocating employees). You will probably identify aspects that are working well, and that you want the outsourced provider to continue, and others that could be better. Documenting and clearly articulating your needs, expectations and goals will make it easier to evaluate relocation companies and to determine the parameters of the outsourced program.

Your relocation services partner should meet minimum qualifications: documented service capabilities, verified financial strength, proven technology and favorable references. Beyond this, you will want to find the provider that you feel most closely understands your company’s need and reflects your culture. The selected provider, after all, will be serving as an extension of your company and working directly with your employees.

Most companies use a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) process to evaluate and select a relocation partner. An RFP based on your company’s specific requirements helps you to evaluate the cultural fit, expertise and flexibility of prospective partners. (TRC can provide sample RFP questions and points to consider in evaluating service partners.) Typically, several finalists are selected to present their capabilities and field live questions at the client location. Clients sometimes choose to visit the finalist candidates on-site, to meet the prospective service team, tour the facility and view the relocation provider’s daily operations.

Considerations in evaluating relocation companies and selecting a relocation partner:

  • Is relocation the provider’s core competency?
  • Does the provider share your company’s values and culture?
  • Can the provider offer all of the services you need now and expect to use in the future?
  • Does the provider have the ability to meet your needs (in the U.S. and worldwide)?
  • Does the provider have the demonstrated ability to select and manage supporting suppliers (real estate, household goods transportation, destination services, etc.)?

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Is Outsourcing Relocation Services Right for You?


Download the outsourcing relocation white paper to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing, considerations when deciding if it is right for you and best practices in selecting a relocation service provider.


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