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How Immigration Reform will Impact Global Mobility

For years, comprehensive immigration reform has moved through the U.S. House and Senate in stops and starts. The new administration has signaled a more aggressive stance on immigration right out of the gate, and Congress is expected to take up comprehensive immigration reform once again. In the meantime, a great deal of uncertainty will cloud […]

International Relocation – Repatriation Benefits

Relocating abroad presents challenges, but often the most difficult part of an international assignment is returning to the home country. The sad reality is that more than 25% of international assignees leave their employer within two years of returning home. With such a substantial investment in each international assignment, it’s wise for companies to plan […]

International Relocation Packages – Holidays & Leave

Employees on international assignments typically observe the holidays of their host country location, which is sometimes a bit of a surprise for the expats. They might be American citizens working for an American company in its Paris office, but they will be celebrating not U.S. Independence Day but French Bastille Day! They usually receive the […]

The dreaded alternative minimum tax: Prepare now for April, 2015

Many of the employees of our relocation clients were hit with a heavier tax burden this year, just some of the 3.9 million Americans that had to pay the dreaded alternative minimum tax, aka AMT.

Qualified mortgages and what they mean for relocation

Relocation comes with a lengthy to-do list and its own lingo. Last month, two new words were added to the language of relocation – qualified mortgages – the new rules that now govern who gets approved for a loan and who doesn’t. So what’s a qualified mortgage, commonly called QM in the world of relocation, […]