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Current Key Trends in Global Mobility

In an increasingly volatile world, companies are trying to ensure their global mobility strategy remains competitive while increasing their return on investment from costly global assignments. Interestingly, more employees are interested in a global stint now than in the past, even those at relatively junior levels. In many organizations, realizing one’s career potential all but […]

Corporate Relocation: Creating Choice in Policy Structure

The economy has recovered and job-hunters have more leverage than they’ve had in years. They are much more willing to relocate for the right opportunity if the employer is willing to offer relocation assistance that meets their unique needs. Gone are the days of strict, one-size-fits-all policies. Instead, the modern corporate relocation policy structure includes […]

Why Benchmark?

The Benefits Of Benchmarking Domestic & International Relocation Policies Companies benchmark their relocation policies to analyze process performance, evaluate their program against their competitors’ or to measure their program against their own divisional or location-related best practices. If you have a mobile workforce, benchmarking your domestic and international relocation policies against the competition and other […]

Relocating Employees: Temporary Living

Relocating employees are happiest, and costs are lowest, when they are settled into permanent housing as rapidly as possible. When this is not possible, providing good temporary living services to employees becomes an important part of a successful relocation process. First impressions make a lasting impact, and for employees who are moving their whole lives […]

Tips for making your corporate relocation easier on you – and your family

You’re still processing the fact that your company is moving its headquarters to another city….along with you and possibly your partner, children, and pets! Many corporations look to corporate relocation companies like TRC Global Mobility to smooth the transition for its employees. But there are still things to think about outside of the services that […]

Part 2: Making the Most of Core-Flex Relocation Programs

by Jerry Funaro, CRP, GMS Vice President, Global Marketing, TRC Global Mobility, Inc. With so many impediments to relocation today, from traditional issues such as spouse/partner career concerns to real estate complications and unique family needs, companies, employers and relocation management companies are all seeking creative ways in which to move the process forward. Economic […]

Part 1: What are Core-Flex Relocation Programs?

by Jerry Funaro, CRP, GMS Vice President, Global Marketing, TRC Global Mobility, Inc. The last 10 years have been pretty challenging for companies that relocate employees. Companies that relocate employee s have had to contend with collapsing home values, a more stringent mortgage approval process, and employees who are “upside-down” (they owe more on their […]

United States: USCIS to Begin Reviewing Same-Sex Petitions Immediately, DHS Confirms

U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents can begin to file cases on behalf of their foreign same-sex spouses without delay. Same-sex cases are to be reviewed in the same manner as those filed on behalf of opposite-sex spouses.   U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will immediately begin to review family-based green card cases filed on […]