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Employee Relocation Tax Law: What is tax gross-up?

Tax gross-up is a topic that relocation professionals routinely speak about among themselves but sometimes do not discuss adequately with relocating employees. Gross-up is a complicated subject and we sometimes wrongly assumed that tax discussions should be saved for the tax professionals—particularly if the employer is providing that service. What is gross-up or tax assistance? […]

Global Relocation Assignment Components: Tax Services

While most of us struggle with taxes in our native country, imagine what it must be like trying to determine your tax obligation in another country. Making sure you stay square with both the home and host countries requires professional assistance so most companies offer tax services as a part of their general employee relocation […]

International Relocation Package: Personal Goods Shipment Benefits

Shipping personal goods can represent a significant expense for companies and a significant source of stress for expatriates. Careful counseling is important to ensure employees do not move goods they will not be able to use in the new location (e.g. televisions; excessive or very large furniture that will not fit in the destination housing; […]

Employee Relocation Packages:  Home Sales Assistance

A capable relocation management company will help you to select the best program, or programs, for you; offer cost-saving ideas; and help to ensure you remain in step with current best practices and compliant with applicable IRS directives surrounding employee homesale programs.

Ask the Global Relocation Expert: Relocating employees or new hires from city to city, within other countries outside of the US.

We are considering closing down one of our offices in Brazil, and moving some key resources to another office. We do not have an intra-Brazil relocation policy. Can we use our US domestic policy to move these individuals? Dear Global Mobility Professional, Great question! The short answer is no, you should never use your US […]

Ask the Global Relocation Expert: Dos & Don’ts for a Global Mobility Newbie

I’ve worked with domestic transferees for quite a while but I’m brand new to global relocation. Do you have any dos and don’ts you can share for a global mobility newbie? Dear Global Mobility Professional, Congratulations on your new responsibilities! You’ll find that global mobility has some similarities to domestic relocation, but even more differences. […]

Partner career assistance can mean the difference between a successful and a failed assignment

Family considerations, including the spouse/partner’s career, have traditionally been the number one reason for reluctance to relocate. According to Worldwide ERC®, real estate concerns eclipsed family and career considerations during the Great Recession (imagine having to sell an “upside down” house and give up a spouse/partner’s job during a recession), but as the real estate […]

A Big Year for V.A. Loans

From the New York Times, January 9, 2014 by Lisa Prevost The number of loans guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs reached a record high in 2013, perhaps marking the peak of an upward trajectory that began after the housing market collapse. The department guaranteed nearly 630,000 mortgage loans in fiscal year 2013, setting […]