TRC’s Pre-Assignment Services help to ensure a successful assignment and safeguard your company’s significant investment in the assignee.

Policy Development & Consulting

TRC will work closely with your company to develop a best-practice global mobility policy that supports your culture and business and talent management objectives. For companies with a policy already in place, we will benchmark your current policy against your industry peers and industry best practices to assess its competitiveness.

Assignment Budgets

To help your company plan, TRC will develop a comprehensive assignment budget that reflects current cost-of-living information, housing data, education costs and other essential elements. Our Global Assignment Counselors track and report budget-to-actual performance regularly.

Assignment Letters

After your employee accepts an international assignment, TRC will generate an assignment letter, outlining all of the key terms of the assignment, including location, job details, duration, compensation and benefits.

Expatriate Payback Agreements

To protect your company’s substantial investment in an international assignment, TRC can generate a payback agreement, detailing the terms of the assignment and also the amount due to your company if the assignee terminates the assignment early or otherwise fails to meet the terms of the agreement.

Pre-Assignment Visit

Our WorldSource™ partners can conduct a pre-transfer tour, introducing the employee to the local area, housing and school options and the expatriate lifestyle in the host country. We provide customized information, including guidebooks, school information and maps.

Candidate Assessment for Relocation

When an assignment fails, it is usually due to family issues, not job-related ones. TRC’s partners have developed specialized assessment tools and an in-depth psychological evaluation procedure. Our partners will prepare a detailed summary of the results, advising your company of the candidate’s likelihood of success in an international assignment.

Spouse / Partner Career Counseling

Finding meaningful activities for the spouse or partner is critical to the success of the assignment. TRC’s experienced career counselors will work closely with the spouse or partner, outlining the available options and resources and formulating a strategy, whether paid employment, continuing education or volunteer opportunities.

Cultural Training

Cultural training can speed adjustment and assimilation, facilitate a more rewarding assignment and personal experience and reduce the risk of “culture shock” and a failed assignment. Training is conducted by an experienced professional and is customized to each assignee’s needs and the host country’s culture.

Language Training

Basic competency in the host country language is enormously useful for everyday living and casual business interaction. TRC coordinates language training tailored to the needs of the assignee and family.

Business Practice Seminars

TRC’s Business Practice Seminars are designed to familiarize new expatriates with the host country’s business practices, customs and cultural norms. Your assignees will better understand the negotiation process and typical business cycles in the host office, how to manage a diverse workforce and what are acceptable behaviors in the office and at other business functions.

Tax Planning

By structuring compensation packages properly, companies can significantly reduce assignment costs and minimize tax burdens. Our service partners are global leaders in expatriate tax consultation and preparation.

Visa & Immigration

Working with our noted visa and immigration partners, we will compile required documents from your company and the assignee, ensure that applications are processed, assist with appeals, ensure all deadlines are met and track renewal milestones during the assignment.


TRC offers specialized banking services for assignees moving to the US and Americans moving abroad. Services include assistance in obtaining credit cards, direct deposit of pay checks, home and host country bill payment and a facilitated funds transfer process.


TRC can provide your assignees with a complete package of insurance products to increase peace of mind, including personal property and liability coverage, emergency medical and evacuation insurance and automobile insurance.

Automobile Purchase / Lease

TRC can assist international assignees in obtaining vehicles through our affiliation with International Auto Source. This innovative program facilitates the purchase or lease of new vehicles for non-US citizens and returning U.S. expatriates.

Furniture Leasing Assistance

Furniture leasing can produce significant savings in household goods shipment and temporary housing costs, and can also speed the settling-in process. TRC can arrange quality furniture leasing services in many locations worldwide.

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