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Domestic Relocations: New Home Assistance/Mortgage Assistance Benefit

In planning a move, whether it’s an employee-sponsored relocation or not, most people tend to focus on the costs of selling the old home and moving a house full of goods. The costs associated with buying a new home often receive little attention. But they can be significant, so most companies offer some form of […]

Domestic Relocation: Home Finding Benefits

In a domestic relocation, the home selling process seems to receive most of the attention yet finding the right home is arguably even more important to a successful transition. The extent of assistance offered by companies varies, depending on the policy tier, homeowner vs. renter status, type of reimbursement and more. Clearly defining home finding […]

School: The biggest challenge facing relocating employees

According to a new report from Knight Frank, a global property agent based in England, finding the right school is the biggest challenge for relocating families, whether they are moving around the world or only 100 miles away. The kids are leaving their friends and extended family behind, and no matter how excited they are […]

A primer on home finding assistance in relocation packages

Corporate relocations entail more than a new job position. The list of items that come into play for any relocation is long, but at the top is usually finding a new place to call home.

Tips for making your corporate relocation easier on you – and your family

You’re still processing the fact that your company is moving its headquarters to another city….along with you and possibly your partner, children, and pets! Many corporations look to corporate relocation companies like TRC Global Mobility to smooth the transition for its employees. But there are still things to think about outside of the services that […]

16 tips for coping with the stress of relocation

Relocation stress is real, even if you are headed to your dream job. After all, your whole life is being turned upside down. According to experts, the stress can be mild or severe, and could include aches in the back, head or stomach, high blood pressure, or increased susceptibility to infection or disease. Some people […]

CRP and GMS and GMS-T…oh my! The story behind relocation certifications.

Choosing the right corporate relocation company can be confusing. An important part of the process is assessing the qualifications and credentials of each firm’s relocation professionals. While conducting due diligence, you will find that some relocation company employees have a series of letters following their names. These represent professional certifications they have earned from Worldwide […]