This year brings significant changes to relocation tax laws that can impact your company and its bottom line. Recognizing this, TRC Global Mobility (TRC), a leading relocation management company, will sponsor the webinar:

The 2013 Tax Laws and How They Affect Your Company, on November 5, 2013 from 2:00-3:00 p.m EST.

Part of Worldwide ERC’s Learning Zone™ webinar series, this complimentary one-hour session will be hosted by David S. Oltman, CRP, Chief Compliance Officer Ineo / Co-Founder Relocation Taxes, LLC.

David will discuss these changes and how to manage them, along with other current hot tax topics, including: 


  • New 2013 gross-up methodologies—how your company can save money
  • What gross-up and “keep the transferee whole” really mean—AMT issues
  • 1099-Cs and W-2s and W-2Cs—pros, cons and compliance
  • Why temporary assignments are today’s hottest issue
  • State taxes and how they affect the gross-up calculation—multi-state tax/gross-up issues
  • 10 things every transferee should know before moving
  • IRS audit targets—relocation red flags
  • Form TD F 90-22 1 Reporting of Foreign Bank Financial Accounts—relocation impacts …and more!

The session is complimentary and is eligible for one domestic CRP® credit from Worldwide ERC®.

Don’t miss this timely and informative session – register today!

Media Contact

Jerry Funaro, CRP, GMS
Vice President, Global Marketing
[email protected]

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