Choosing the right corporate relocation company can be confusing. An important part of the process is assessing the qualifications and credentials of each firm’s relocation professionals and looking at what level of relocation certification they hold.

While conducting due diligence, you will find that some relocation company employees have a series of letters following their names. These represent a professional relocation certification they have earned from Worldwide ERC®, the recognized industry authority in managing and servicing a global mobility workforce.

If you are an HR or other professional not associated with Worldwide ERC, these designations might be Greek to you. This primer will briefly describe the two major certifications awarded by Worldwide ERC® and their variations.

Relocation Certification #1: Certified Relocation Professional (CRP)

According to Worldwide ERC, the Certified Relocation Professional is a competency-based designation program for mobility professionals primarily engaged in corporate/employee mobility within the United States. CRPs are recognized for demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of U.S. employee relocation across all facets of the industry and their dedication to continuing education in this specialized field.

To earn the CRP designation, candidates must have industry experience and sit for a challenging, three-hour exam that covers policy development and administration, home sale programs, U.S. tax and legal compliance issues, relocation appraising and trends in relocation. To retain the designation, CRPs must earn at least 30 recertification credit hours every three years to remain current on evolving industry trends.

An elite group of professionals has been awarded the SCRP or Senior Certified Relocation Professional designation. In addition to earning and maintaining the CRP designation, the SCRPs have contributed substantial time and expertise for the benefit of the employee mobility industry.

Relocation Certification #2: Global Mobility Specialist (GMS)

Those three letters signify that the relocation professional has specialized knowledge of global workforce mobility and is committed to growing his or her expertise in the field. Professionals with the GMS designation have an in-depth understanding of the various options for international relocation assignments, issues surrounding spouses and families, visa and immigration considerations, tax consequences and much more.

To acquire the GMS designation, candidates complete three training modules and then must pass a comprehensive exam on the fundamentals of global workforce mobility and intercultural management skills. To retain the GMS designation, professionals are required to complete 15 continuing education credits in international management/global workforce mobility every three years.

GMS designees who complete additional training in global mobility earn the Senior Global Mobility Specialist (SGMS) designation. In addition, GMS designees can take a supplemental strategic talent mobility course that focuses on how talent mobility and talent management align. After successfully completing this course and passing an exam, candidates earn the Global Mobility Specialist-Talent (GMS-T) designation.

TRC Global Mobility is proud of our continuing education and training and the relocation designations our employee owners have earned. We work hard to stay in front of issues and trends in the mobility field, sharing this information with our clients to support their business goals.



For more information on selecting a relocation management company, this ebook outlines the steps in a typical relocation procurement process, including:  assessing your needs and the level of relocation support you need; issuing an RFIs and RFPs; and evaluating potential relocation service partners and pricing proposals. Download the eBook.



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