u.s. relocation policyThis is a particularly dynamic time for companies that relocate employees within the U.S. Several overarching social and demographic trends are influencing the way we work, and employee expectations can vary greatly across generations, locations and industries. Similarly, company needs and competitive situations can vary widely, depending on industry, location and business strategy. A start-up company likely will have different mobility goals than an established corporation.

The term “best practices” recognizes an ongoing industry collaboration to identify ideas or solutions that increase employee and business stakeholder satisfaction while creating efficiencies. The current U.S. domestic best practices outlined in our latest eBook for global mobility professionals provide a useful starting point for developing or reviewing your own domestic relocation policy. Ultimately, your company’s best practices will be the policy elements most closely aligned with your culture and business objectives.

New eBook for Mobility Professionals

In this eBook, we discuss a few trends that are influencing mobility programs across industries and more importantly, the best practices companies are initiating to keep up with those changes. Current domestic relocation policy trends and special considerations discussed include:

  • Talent Shortage: Attracting and retaining employee talent is one of the biggest challenges most businesses face today.
  • Technology and Alternative Working Arrangements: The ability to connect from anywhere thanks to technology advancements can often decrease the need for permanent, physical employee relocations.
  • More Flexible Employee Experiences: With employees’ personal and professional lives more intertwined than in the past, employees expect more tailored solutions that meet their total, real-world needs.

domestic relocation policy ebook
Download the latest eBook on U.S. relocation policy trends to learn what’s influencing mobility programs and how companies are responding. Click here to download.


Taking the Next Steps with Your Domestic Relocation Policy

The dynamic U.S. economy is spurring many companies to take a fresh look at their domestic relocation benefits and to assess whether they are supporting the company’s current talent management objectives. Perhaps more so than in the past, external events, demographic changes and other big-picture considerations are influencing mobility policy in 2020, and it is important to keep up with those changes. If you have not benchmarked your policy against your industry norms in some time, this would be an excellent time to do so. It is also a good idea to survey your transferring employees on not only service quality but also their perceptions of your relocation policy and how well it met their needs.

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