Five mistakes companies make when choosing an international relocation companyTo remain competitive and gain an edge, more and more companies are pursing the best and brightest talent around the world. While any move is stressful, an international assignment can be exponentially tougher. Choosing an expert international relocation company can reduce stress, increase satisfaction and reduce the risk of miscommunication and failed assignments.

What are some of the common mistakes companies make when choosing a relocation company?

  1. Choosing a company with little relocation experience. When it comes to relocation, it’s all about experience and strong partnerships.  Be sure the relocation company you choose has solid experience and a strong background in global relocation, with a wealth of comprehensive resources worldwide.
  2. Selecting a relocation provider that doesn’t really understand your needs. Relocation companies do so much more than simply move people from place to place. The ideal provider will have a clear understanding of your company’s culture and priorities and also the objectives for each particular assignment.
  3. Picking a relocation company that lacks experience with different types of assignments. Your company should be experienced with not only traditional assignments but other contemporary approaches, such as localization, short-term assignments and permanent transfers.
  4. Selecting a company that fails to prepare employees for the move. The relocation company should work closely with you to ensure that you’re offering a relocation package that allows to attract and retain the best talent and that supports them through the move and assignment. A reliable relocation company prepares the employee long before departure – even when the relocation is to a remote area of our world.
  5. Using a relocation company that hasn’t properly vetted its global destination service partners. Capable relocation management companies have carefully vetted, trained and monitored destination service partners worldwide. In addition to delivering destination services, these professionals serve as local experts and trusted advisors. They can address the practical questions and concerns of daily life: What type of clothes will I need? Will my cell phone or hair dryer work? What about DVDs? Where are the best schools? The goal is for assignee to gain a thorough understanding of what makes the country to which they are moving unique, and the individual requirements and processes in that country.

The overarching goal of your relocation management company should be to ensure your employees are comfortably settled and productive as rapidly as possible.

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