Right Talent, Right Place, Right Time

Used strategically, employee relocation can positively impact a company’s competitive position and business performance by getting the right talent in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, the relocation process can be very complicated and stressful for both the employee and the company initiating it. For businesses, some key challenges are competitiveness, cost control, compliance, and employee resistance.  For employees, spouse/partner careers, children, elder care responsibilities, real estate concerns, and family resistance are among the frequent challenges. 

The Right Way – Hire an Expert

The most effective remedy to counter relocation challenges for both the company and the employee is to hire a corporate relocation specialist, or Talent Mobility Specialist.  These companies help businesses to achieve their full domestic and global potential by seamlessly managing all key aspects of the relocation process, including:  program administration, supply chain management, employee policy counseling, financial services, transportation and moving, reporting and analytics, group move management, etc.

Good talent mobility specialists act as virtual extensions of companies, relieving the burden of a stressful and complex relocation process.  For example, they may arrange necessary documents (visa, long-term stay permissions), find new homes (accommodation), find schools for children (education), find jobs for the partner or “trailing spouse”, arrange language instruction for the family (language training) and introduce expatriates to the local culture (cultural training).

The Wrong Way – DIY

Some companies rely on internal (usually HR) staff to assist relocating employees, without outside assistance. Others provide a relocation bonus or lump sum but no other direction and leave it to employees to figure out their own relocation. Some companies believe this approach saves money; others might believe they are too small to enlist the services of a relocation management company. Ironically, the do-it-yourself approach can actually cost more while being slower and less effective.

Particularly with global relocation, where compliance is complex and laws/regulations are ever-changing, specialists become essential. The costs of non-compliance can be substantial and can even result in the employee and company being expelled from the country and hit with substantial fines.

Companies that attempt to relocate employees without the help of a talent mobility specialist risk undoing the benefits they originally set out to achieve.  The process may cost more, take more time to complete, and result in unhappy employees.  Employees who are burdened with managing all or most aspects of their relocation on their own will find it difficult to focus on work; further affecting production and profitability.


The relocation process is too complex and the risks too great to “wing it”. In most cases, you will find it more efficient and cost-effective to work with a qualified relocation specialist. You benefit from the company’s expertise and advice, carefully vetted suppliers with negotiated discounts and an array of specialized services that are available when you need them, such as visa and immigration and spouse career counseling. A qualified global talent mobility specialist will ensure you have the right talent at the right place at the right time, maximizing your competitive advantage.

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