Here are some answers to questions we frequently receive from prospective clients and relocating employees.

Are you a household goods transportation company?

No. TRC is a full-service, employee relocation firm that partners with corporations to relocate their employees throughout the US and the worldwide. While we provide household goods moving services as part of our overall relocation service, we do not provide these services on an a la carte basis.

Are you affiliated with a particular real estate company?

No. TRC is an independent, employee-owned company; we are not affiliated with any single real estate brand. Our real estate network is made up of carefully selected and qualified brokers and agents across the U.S.

My company doesn’t have a relocation program or benefits. Do you offer services directly to individuals?

Generally speaking, we are unable to provide relocation services directly to individuals.

Do you offer services outside the U.S?

Yes; we can deliver relocation and assignment management services in more than 150 countries.

If my company hires you to provide relocation services, is there a cost to me?

Each client’s policy is different, but TRC’s contract is with your employer and they are responsible for contracted charges. If you request additional services outside the scope of your employer’s benefits, this must be approved by your employer, and they would determine if you are responsible for the cost of any of these added benefits.

Can I sell my own home and find a new one on my own and just get a cash allowance, rather than using TRC’s services?

This also depends on your employer’s policy. Generally speaking, you can elect to use the benefits that are offered to you, or you can decline them.

How do I find out more about becoming a TRC service partner?

Please complete our company contact form.

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