International Employee Relocation Services

Relocating employees across borders and across oceans is a big responsibility. With TRC by your side, you’ll be delighted to learn it’s really a small world after all.

A Smooth Transition for Your Assignees with International Moving

Your employees are willing to relocate for a great job opportunity. An adventure. Or a little of both.

An international moving company helps you with international shipping. We’ll help you with the whole international relocation process – everything from finding an international mover to meeting visa and immigration requirements to finding a place to live. 

It isn’t as simple as finding an international moving service. That’s what consumers look for. You want to deliver international moving company services and relocation services that put you and your team at the forefront.

Talent knows no borders but relocating your employees across borders and managing a global workforce is more complex than ever. Your relocating employees need more than just moving services: they need help throughout the process.

With comprehensive international moving resources and over 35 years of experience, we’ve helped companies implement their global talent management strategies on six continents.

TRC is the International Employee Relocation Services Company

TRC can serve your assignees in 150 countries worldwide. Our employee-owners are experienced in working with short-term assignees, permanent transfers, localized expats, digital nomads, and more.

Making an international move isn’t easy. Your employees are putting it all on the line to accept a global opportunity. TRC Global Mobility’s relocation services reduce the challenge an international move presents. You and your employees will know that everything has been taken care of.

TRC Prepares Your Global Assignees for a Successful Global Relocation

We make sure your assignees are totally prepared for any global destination—even less developed locations—well before departure. That sets the stage for the assignee’s—and your company’s—success.

In the end, TRC’s international relocation services give your new international hires confidence. Confidence you’ll support them. Confidence you know everything about global destinations,  international van lines, and visa and immigration requirements. Confidence you’ll deliver the the global relocation services they need.

Global Partner Network for a 360° View

Our carefully selected and trained destination service partners are local experts in 150+ countries. As trusted advisors and confidantes, they make your assignees feel at home immediately.

Our respected partners for visa and immigration services, cultural and language training and more deliver a fully-informed, well-rounded view of each country.

International moves aren’t easy. Let us make it easier for you and your international hires with international relocation services designed to deliver.

TRC's International Relocation Services Give You More Hours in Your Day

TRC’s global mobility services free you from day-to-day program management hassles. We develop a deep understanding of your talent management  and assignment objectives and deliver exactly the help you need. You can focus on recruiting, developing, and retaining talent.

We’ll Even Help You Reduce Your Relocation Costs

TRC believes in transparent, open-book pricing. We work hard to control costs and deliver optimum value for your relocation spend. We’ve helped our clients save millions in program costs.

Helping Your People Get Home Abroad

As employee-owners, we’re accountable for the success of your relocation program and your employees’ moves. Our Client Services teams are committed to making your job easier and your employees’ moves as stress-free as possible.

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Client Services Manager: Your Single Point of Coordination

Curious about global relocation trends? Wondering if your program is competitive? Looking for custom reporting? Have a VIP move? Your dedicated Client Services Manager (CSM) can help. Our CSMs assist clients with:

  • New policies and policy refinements
  • Policy administration
  • Relocation benchmarking and best practices information
  • Program reporting and data analysis
  • TRC’s ReloSource technology
  • Group move consulting, VIP moves and other special situations
  • Global relocation education and training for your staff
  • Billing and other administrative questions
  • Quality assurance
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Relocation Counselor: Your Employees’ Single Point of Coordination

The TRC Relocation Counselor is your assignee’s single point of accountability and guide for the adventure ahead. The RC manages every detail of the process, big or small.

The RC remains in continual contact with the assignee to discuss progress and key milestones and to ensure we’re meeting the assignee’s expectations. Depending on your global relocation policy, our RCs:

  • Assess the employee’s relocation needs
  • Consult on and administer relocation benefits according to client policies
  • Communicate with the relocating employee continually, using the employee’s preferred tool
  • Explain the home sale process and discuss home marketing strategies
  • Review inspections and appraisals
  • Negotiate home sale contracts and buyouts
  • Manage the household goods process, including survey, pack/load, delivery, and claims
  • Coordinate the destination housing search
  • Help transferees find a rental property
  • Facilitate transferee expense reimbursements and service partner payments
  • Arrange candidate, intern, and relocation travel
  • Keep the transferee within the allocated relocation budget
  • Escalate requests for policy exceptions
  • Meet or exceed service metrics
  • Recommend possible cost saving opportunities and efficiencies
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Global International Relocation Services Network

Making the unfamiliar familiar. TRC’s destination service partners are experts in helping your assignees feel at home. We’ve carefully built a comprehensive network of qualified destination service partners in 150 countries worldwide. The DSPs remain in continual contact with the Relocation Counselor, providing TRC with timely and important information on the progress of the move.

We know assignees see their DSP as an extension of our company and yours. So we conduct a careful due diligence process before working with any DSP. Our service partners must continually meet TRC standards for service, reporting, responsiveness, and value.

Featured Resource: International Employee Mobility Best Practices

Global relocation best practices are changing to reflect the new norms of the working world. Our all-new ebook will bring you up to speed! 

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From Pre-Assignment to Repatriation, TRC Has You Covered

We demystify global relocation for you and your employees, making the process less stressful and more successful.

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Pre-Assignment Services

An international assignment is a vote of confidence in an employee and a big investment for your company. TRC’s Pre-Assignment Services help prepare that employee and your company for success.

  • International Relocation Policy Development and Consulting
  • International Assignment Budgets
  • Employee Assignment Letters
  • Expatriate Payback Agreements
  • Pre-Assignment Visit
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Spouse/Partner Career Counseling
  • Cultural Training
  • Language Training
  • Tax Planning
  • Visa and Immigration
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Automobile Purchase/Lease
  • Furniture Leasing Assistance
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Transition Services

Get off to a fast start. TRC’s Transition Services help to get the new assignee settled in and productive as quickly as possible.

  • Temporary Housing
  • School Search
  • International Home Finding Services
  • Settling-In Services
  • American Welcome
  • Move Management

On-Assignment Services

TRC’s On-Assignment Services eliminate the hassle of worrying about the departure home and dealing with a landlord in an unfamiliar country. We also process the employee’s expense reports promptly and accurately.

  • Property Management
  • Tenancy Management
  • Expense Management
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Repatriation Services

Some companies are tempted to economize on repatriation services. But with more than 25 percent of international assignees leaving their employer within two years of returning, it’s a false economy. TRC’s Repatriation Services help you plan for a successful return at the beginning of the assignment.

  • Host Country Departure Services
  • Move Management
  • Temporary Housing
  • Home Finding Services
  • Cultural Training
  • Spouse/Partner Career Counseling

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