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ReloSource™ Global Mobility Technology

Making relocation simpler, more secure, and less stressful.

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ReloSource™ Global Mobility Technology

 TRC’s ReloSource™ global mobility technology is an end-to-end solution for mobility, talent and HR managers and relocating employees. ReloSource puts all of the real-time relocation information you and your employees need in one convenient, secure place and lets you manage the process at your convenience—anytime, anywhere. ReloSource improves the mobility experience for everyone who touches or is part of a corporate relocation.

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ReloSource for TRC Clients

For TRC clients, our global mobility technology gives you all of the tools needed to manage a complex global workforce and talent mobility program, making the relocation process less stressful for your employees and engaging them throughout the process. With ReloSource, clients can:

    • View an intuitive, interactive dashboard with real-time information on relocations
    • Authorize new relocations on the fly and manage all pending authorizations
    • Keep track of where each part of the relocation process stands
    • View all incurred expenses and exception requests
    • Monitor every aspect of the relocation program with summary and detailed reporting
    • Communicate with the TRC account team
    • Monitor the team’s performance with employee survey results
    • And much more
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    ReloSource for Relocating Employees

    ReloSource helps your employees to have an outstanding customer experience. ReloSource and the ReloSource app help to make the relocation process simpler, less stressful, and more exciting by providing a central location to communicate and exchange information. With ReloSource employees can:

    • Access a step-by-step timeline of the relocation process and relocation policies
    • Examine home sale and purchase information
    • View inspection reports
    • Submit expenses and monitor reimbursements
    • Review payback agreements and other important documents
    • Schedule meetings on their Relocation Counselor’s calendar
    • And much more

    We Know You and Your Mobile Employees Use Technology Differently

    We paid special attention to how and where you and your relocating employees each use relocation technology and designed ReloSource to meet those unique needs. The ReloSource app delivers comprehensive and innovative tools to your employees on the go.

    ReloSource Connects Everyone Involved in the Employee Relocation Process

    ReloSource supports the day-to-day workflow for TRC teams, pulling together operational and financial management data and connecting our teams to you, your relocating employees, and our global service partners in a virtual community. This accurate, secure data also powers TRC’s comprehensive reporting and empowers us to track TRC and supplier performance against our own KPIs and our client SLAs.

    Safe and Secure Global Mobility Technology

    We know you and your employees are concerned about security and data privacy. Rest assured that our global mobility management software complies with all modern security standards to safeguard sensitive employee and company information.

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