Domestic Employee Relocation Services

Recruiting great employees is hard. Retaining them is even harder. TRC’s domestic employee relocation services make your job easier.

TRC’s Employee Mobility Services Help You Attract and Keep Talent

Your employees are willing to relocate for a great job opportunity. An adventure. Or a little of both.

But it can be a little daunting without some help from you. TRC’s Domestic Employee Relocation Services can help your employees get settled faster and less stressfully. And that reduces stress and unnecessary costs for your company, too.

Our Employees are so Smart They Own the Company

TRC employees are also company owners. They’re empowered to make things happen, cut through red tape and make sure your employees have an outstanding customer experience. Your success is literally our success.

Your Call Really is Very Important to Us

We really want to help. That’s our culture. So our communication is transparent and open. We don’t ignore issues; we fix them.

We Can Help a Lot. Or a Little.

Maybe your company has a well-developed talent relocation program and you’re looking for a new partner. Or perhaps you aren’t sure where to begin. Either way, we’re happy to assist. We’ll help you improve your existing program or build a competitive program from the ground up.

We Choose Suppliers for Your Benefit–Not Ours

We don’t own our suppliers and they don’t own us. So no conflicts of interest. We select, qualify, and train the best suppliers to form our supply chain network—regardless of brand.

We’ll Even Save You Money

TRC believes in transparent, open-book pricing. We work hard to control costs and deliver optimum value for your relocation spend. We’ve helped our clients save millions in gross-up, inventory, and other program costs.

Serving You and the People You Serve

As employee-owners, we’re accountable for the success of your relocation program and your employees’ moves. Our Client Services teams are committed to making your job easier and your employees’ moves as stress-free as possible.

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Client Services Manager: Your Single Point of Coordination

Wondering if your program is competitive? Looking for custom reporting? Have a VIP move? Your dedicated Client Services Manager (CSM) can help. Our CSMs assist clients with:

  • New policies and policy refinements
  • Policy administration
  • Relocation benchmarking and best practices information
  • Program reporting and data analysis
  • TRC’s ReloSource technology
  • Group move consulting, VIP moves and other special situations
  • Relocation education and training for your staff
  • Billing and other administrative questions
  • Quality assurance
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Relocation Counselor: Your Employees’ Single Point of Coordination

Part relocation expert, part psychologist, part friend. Our Relocation Counselors serve as trusted advisors, advocates, and problem-solvers during an exciting yet stressful time. Depending on your relocation policy, our RCs:

  • Assess the employee’s relocation needs
  • Consult on and administer relocation benefits according to client policies
  • Communicate with the relocating employee continually, using the employee’s preferred tool
  • Explain the home sale process and discuss home marketing strategies
  • Review inspections and appraisals
  • Negotiate home sale contracts and buyouts
  • Manage the household goods process, including survey, pack/load, delivery, and claims
  • Coordinate the destination housing search
  • Help transferees find a rental property
  • Facilitate transferee expense reimbursements and service partner payments
  • Arrange candidate, intern, and relocation travel
  • Keep the transferee within the allocated relocation budget
  • Escalate requests for policy exceptions
  • Meet or exceed service metrics
  • Recommend possible cost saving opportunities and efficiencies
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Featured Resource: U.S. Domestic Employee Relocation Policy Best Practices

The working world is changing so quickly that it can be hard to know what employee mobility best practices look like anymore. Our ebook can help!

Download the ebook

Departure to Destination and Everything in Between

Employee mobility incorporates a million details. We’re with you and your employees from beginning to end.

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Departure Services

Selling a home can be an emotional experience even without the pressure of relocation. Our Relocation Counselors make it as painless as possible. They help your employees sell their home quickly, for the best price possible. And our carefully selected service partners are relocation experts with special empathy for employees in transition.

  • Employee Policy Counseling
  • Home Marketing Assistance
  • Home Sale Assistance
    • Buyer Value Option (BVO) Program
    • Guaranteed Offer Program
    • Amended Value Program
  • Closing Services
  • Inventory Management
  • Property Management
  • Move Management
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Destination Services

Buying a new home is exciting, but when you have to do it quickly, it’s also stressful. A TRC Relocation Counselor conducts a careful needs assessment and works closely with the employee and a TRC-accredited real estate agent throughout the process, until the employee is settled comfortably.

  • Temporary Living Assistance
  • Home Finding Services
  • Area Orientation
  • Mortgage Assistance
  • VIP Services
  • Career and Family Assistance
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Renter Services

Today’s renters include not just new hires and college grads but many experienced professionals. And they have the same priorities and concerns as buyers: communities, schools, local amenities, transportation and of course, the property itself.

Depending on client policy, the TRC Relocation Counselor:

  • Counsels employees on policy benefits
  • Assesses the employee’s needs
  • Creates a timeline to guide the employee through the process
  • Provides information on the destination area (Neighborhood Scout)
  • Arranges a rental tour
  • Reviews leases
  • Reviews and processes lease cancellation payments
  • Locates and arranges temporary housing
  • Manages movement of household goods
  • Works closely with the employee until they find a new home

Corporate Employee Relocation Management

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Complete Program Management

We can manage every aspect of your relocation program, taking a time-consuming function off your plate while keeping you competitive. TRC’s Complete Program Management services include:

  • Program Administration
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Employee Policy Counseling
  • Client and Employee Reporting
  • Financial Services
  • Group Move Management
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Strategic Consulting Services

TRC has over 35 years of policy consulting experience. We want to make sure your talent mobility policy reflects current best practices and supports your company’s corporate culture, philosophy, and business objectives. So we’ll review your relocation policies during the implementation process at no extra charge. We’ll continue to work with you to implement any policy changes and monitor and benchmark your policies throughout our relationship. TRC’s Strategic Consulting services include:

  • Policy Review and Development
  • Industry Benchmarking Data
  • Management Reporting
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Financial Services

TRC assures your company of transparency and total control over employee relocation costs. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of relocation accounting, processing alternatives, and IRS regulations. We ensure your program remains in compliance, executing all financial transactions accurately and providing complete reporting. TRC’s Financial Services include:

  • Relocation Expense Administration
  • Relocation Tax and Accounting Services
  • Equity Advances
  • Cost Estimating
  • Lump Sum Administration
  • Relocation Debit Cards
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Group Move Management

The prospect of a group move can send even seasoned relocation veterans into a tizzy. TRC can manage the entire process for you. Drawing on our company-wide resources and expertise, TRC’s group move specialists develop a cost-effective solution tailored to your business needs and acceptance objectives. TRC’s Group Move Management services include:

  • Cost Of Living Studies
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Onsite Group Meetings
  • Employee Seminars
  • Individual Counseling
  • Alternative Relocation Benefits
  • Area Tours
  • Counseling in the Destination City
  • Spouse Counseling
  • Mortgage Assistance

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