TRC NetSource™ – Supply Chain Management

TRC’s NetSource™ relocation supply chain network brings our clients 30 years of supply-chain management expertise, with performance-managed suppliers to meet any domestic or international relocation need.

Many global relocation companies are really relocation divisions of parent real estate, household goods or consulting companies. These relocation divisions were created primarily to deliver household goods or real estate referrals to the parent company – whether or not these suppliers are the best choice for the client.

TRC is a completely independent, employee-owned corporate relocation company. We have no exclusive arrangements, affiliations or ownership interest in any of our suppliers, so we’re free to choose the best resources for our clients and their transferees – regardless of affiliation. Our NetSource supply chain network structure means that our suppliers always have a financial incentive to provide outstanding service.

TRC’s NetSource partners are chosen based on their individual expertise, knowledge, tenure, reputation, responsiveness and professionalism. Our NetSource supply chain network is comprised of highly qualified appraisers, inspectors, attorneys and real estate agents, while TRC’s MoveSource network includes household goods partners carefully selected for quality and value.

Our relocation supplier partners are an extension of our company

At TRC, we consider our supplier partners to be an extension of our company. They are subject to the same performance standards as TRC employee-ownerss, and are fully integrated into the service delivery process under TRC’s close supervision.

We employ a rigorous supplier selection and supply chain management process, including a competitive RFP and presentation, followed by careful due diligence to verify credentials and service performance. Once on board, our NetSource partners operate under service level agreements, with specific key performance indicators (KPIs) that are tracked and monitored.

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