How Relocation Works for Employees

TRC Employee Relocation Counseling

Relocation is Exciting. It’s Also Stressful.

Where do you begin?

Relocating? Don’t worry: it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Even a simple move within your own neighborhood can pretty much take over your life for a while. Moving to a new city or country—with a new home, maybe a new job for your partner, and new schools for your kids—takes the stress to a whole new level.

We’re here to help lift some of that stress. We’ll explain your relocation benefits, help you use them to best advantage, and give you a shoulder to cry on when you need it. And we’ll help smooth any bumps in the road during the process.

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“Relocating can be a very stressful undertaking with a new job, location, home and environment facing the employee. Being able to guide and assist people through the many challenges of moving is a rewarding experience for me. I have formed many great relationships and even made new friends during and after these moves. Helping others is a core value of mine, and I am fortunate to have that opportunity every day. I’m also grateful to work with a team at TRC that shares in that value. Every relocation is as different as the individual making a move. Sharing in each personal journey and being of service is why I enjoy my career as a Relocation Counselor.”

Brad S.

Relocation Counselor

“There is no better feeling than knowing you’ve helped an employee who is relocating. I’m committed to making this a seamless experience. Everyone is different, and we all have different needs. I’m here to get to know the employees who are relocating, listen to them and provide them with all the information they need when they need it. Together, we always get through to the other side. I love to imagine the employee smiling at their new destination!”

Erin E.

Relocation Counselor

“The most enjoyable part of my job is knowing that I’ve guided my transferees to a successful relocation. There are so many moving components to relocation that most transferees do not fully understand the background processes that create success. I treat them like I want to be treated: honestly, fairly, and with compassion. It is a joy to me when they say “thank you” for all you have done and mean it. At the end of the day, it is truly all about them.”

Jan F.

Relocation Counselor

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Your Dedicated Employee Relocation Counselor

Your Relocation Counselor is your single point of coordination and “go-to” person.

Throughout your relocation, your Counselor will advise you, explain your relocation benefits, and coordinate any services included in your relocation package. Most importantly: they’ll listen.

ReloSource™ Technology

Having all the data you need when you need it is a huge stress-buster. TRC’ s ReloSource technology empowers you and lets you engage with your relocation on your terms.

Offers on homes. Inspection reports. Expense reimbursements. ReloSource delivers accurate, instant information—and lets you act on it quickly—wherever you might be. This relocation tool builds on the personal assistance from your TRC Relocation Counselor, giving you the ultimate flexible relocation experience.

See how ReloSource works for your move


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What Your Move Looks Like

Every move is a little different, depending on your personal and family situation, the locations you’re moving to and from, and the benefits your company offers. Here’s the basic process.

Before the Move

Right after your company authorizes your relocation, your Relocation Counselor will reach out and set up a time to review your relocation package. The RC will discuss your preferences, needs and concerns; explain the process, and begin coordinating any departure services included in your benefits, such as help in selling your home.

During the Move

Your Relocation Counselor will continue to help you get ready for your move and transition to the new location. The RC will continue to coordinate and monitor the departure activities while also coordinating any destination services included in your benefits, such as help in finding your new home and moving your household goods.

After Arrival

We don’t pack you up and forget about you. Your RC will continue to work with you until you’re comfortably settled in your new home. If you’re on an international assignment, your RC will check in on you from time to time and ensure that things like visa renewals happen when they should.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my company hires you to provide relocation services, is there a cost to me?
Each client’s policy is different, but TRC’s contract is with your employer and they are responsible for contracted charges. If you request additional services outside the scope of your employer’s benefits, your employer must approve this request, and they would decide if you are responsible for the cost of any of these added benefits.

Can I pick the relocation benefits I want?
This depends on your employer’s policy. Some programs include some choice for employees and others include a standard package of benefits.

Can I sell my own home and find a new one on my own and just get a cash allowance, instead of using TRC’s services?
This also depends on your employer’s policy. Generally speaking, you can elect to use the benefits your employer offers or you can decline them.

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