TRC has 30 years of policy consulting experience. Our international relocation consultants conduct an initial policy review as part of the implementation process at no extra charge. Our goal is to ensure that each client’s talent mobility policy reflects current best practices and supports the client’s corporate culture, philosophy and business objectives. We work with clients to implement any policy changes, and continue to monitor and benchmark client policies throughout our relationship.

Relocation Policy Consulting

If your company is new to relocation, we will work with you to develop a new policy that will empower your company to attract and retain the talent you need and help you gain the internal approvals you need.

Industry Benchmarking Data

As an experienced relocation management consultant, TRC considers it one of our responsibilities to ensure that our clients’ relocation packages and policies remain as competitive as possible. We analyze client polices as part of the implementation process and throughout our relationship, making recommendations for changes to improve competitiveness or reduce costs. We maintain a library of best-practice policies across numerous industries and also glean valuable benchmarking data from Runzheimer, Worldwide ERC® and other respected sources. This ensures that TRC remains on the leading edge of policy trends.

Management Reporting

TRC offers more than 150 standard reports, and we are able to create and provide customized reporting to meet specialized needs at no extra cost. Our SMARTSource™ technology fully integrates the company’s operational and financial management data. Standardized globally, the SMART system allows us to produce timely, accurate and comprehensive management reporting.


Many companies today prefer to have a formalized relocation program but wish to have the flexibility to adjust line-item benefits to meet individual transferee and budget needs. TRC’s CustomSource relocation calculator allows our clients to begin with a best-practice relocation program and policies and to use TRC’s interactive authorization form to adjust benefits as needed.

  • TRC will work with your existing policies or help you to develop up-to-date, best-practice policies as the core of your relocation program.
  • Using TRC’s interactive authorization form, select the applicable core policy for the relocation.
  • Adjust individual line item benefits to suit your budget and the transferee’s needs (e.g. 30 days of temporary housing instead of 60; yes/no for auto shipment; etc.)
  • Save the completed authorization form and forward it internally for approval or forward it to TRC to begin the customized relocation.

TRC’s CustomSource can reduce total program costs by allowing you to offer only the benefits needed to accomplish the relocation. It also increases transferee satisfaction by allowing you provide the benefits that are meaningful to each individual transferee.

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