TRC’s On-Assignment Services help to minimize assignee distractions by tending to the assignee’s home country residence, managing the host country tenancy and administering the expense management process.

Property Management

TRC relocation on assignment services can arrange professional Property Management for the home country residence while the employee is on assignment. We will screen tenants, manage lease agreements and renewals, collect rent, inspect properties, coordinate maintenance and report back to the client and / or assignee.

Tenancy Management

TRC assumes the responsibilities associated with the assignee’s tenancy in the host country. We work directly with the local landlord to manage the tenancy process, eliminating this burden for clients and assignees. We make monthly lease and utility payments, address repair/dilapidation issues and resolution with the landlord, address other related tenancy issues and queries, negotiate lease renewals/extensions as needed and manage lease terminations as required.

Expense Management

TRC can administer the entire Expense Management process throughout the assignment. Our audit and reconciliation services include auditing the expense reports against policy, reconciling any errors and preparing and making payment or facilitating payment. We also track and report all international assignment expenses, including housing payments, utility costs, school tuition, housing allowances, goods and services allowances.

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