A knowledgeable Global Assignment Counselor (GAC) serves as your assignee’s single point of accountability, managing all aspects of the process. If your program includes both US domestic and international activity, the Global Assignment Counselor acts as an integral part of the comprehensive service team dedicated to your company.

The Global Assignment Counselor:

  • Conducts a needs assessment and counsels the assignee on the relocation policy
  • Coordinates the visa and work permit process
  • Manages expense administration procedures
  • Manages the home search process in the host country
  • Liaises with TRC’s service partners to arrange / oversee partner services
  • Provides host country information, including history, politics and economic structure, as well as cultural norms and behavioral expectations of the local population
  • Coordinates tax consultation services
  • Coordinates cultural and family services for the assignee and family
  • Performance manages all service providers to ensure quality and adherence to SLAs
  • Coordinates all aspects of the household goods move
  • Manages and arranges temporary accommodations
  • Communicates directly with the client as appropriate

The Global Assignment Counselor is backed by an experienced, full service relocation team and TRC’s extended organizational resources. He or she remains in continual contact with the assignee to discuss progress and key milestones and to ensure the assignee’s expectations are being met. At the completion of the move, we send a comprehensive service evaluation form to the assignee.

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