TRC’s centralized operations structure simplifies internal and client communications and places critical relocation functions in close proximity to one another. This flexible service delivery model optimizes service quality while controlling administrative costs.

Single point of coordination service model

TRC operates under a single point of coordination team concept. A Relocation Counselor is assigned to each relocating employee and serves as the single point of coordination throughout the move, greatly enhancing communication and service quality. More than just providing relocation assistance, our Relocation Counselors serve as trusted advisors, advocates and problem-solvers during what can be a deeply personal and stressful time.

Clients enjoy a similar single point of coordination model. TRC Account Managers provide business-to-business assistance and support in the areas of:

  • Policy / Program Development
  • Policy Administration
  • Corporate Training / Education
  • Relocation Industry Education & Benchmarking
  • Relocation Materials Development
  • Reporting & Data Analysis
  • Quality Control / Assurance

TRC’s single point of coordination model and flat organizational structure permit more efficient strategizing and problem solving and greatly streamline day-to-day operations.

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