TRC’s US Departure Services help your employees to complete the home selling process as efficiently as possible, reducing distractions and speeding the transition to the destination location.  Our carefully selected service partners are relocation experts; they bring deep knowledge of the process and special empathy for employees in transition.

Employee Policy Counseling

A dedicated TRC Relocation Counselor, a domestic relocation specialist, serves as your employee’s single point of coordination and “go-to” professional throughout the relocation. The RC will establish a customized communications plan, tailored to the needs of each employee.

Home Marketing Assistance

TRC’s Home Marketing Assistance Program helps employees to sell their home more rapidly, for the best price possible, while speeding the relocation process and reducing client costs. The TRC Relocation Counselor works closely with the employee every step of the way, explaining the policy benefits and developing a customized marketing plan that reflects the employee’s needs and local market conditions.

Home Sale Assistance

  • Buyer Value Option Program
    TRC’s Buyer Value Option Program eliminates the traditional property appraisal process and includes our proven Home Marketing Assistance Program. When the employee receives an offer, TRC ensures the offer is bona fide, makes an offer to buy the home from the employee at the same price, pays the employee’s equity and completes the sale per Worldwide ERC’s™ recommended Eleven Steps.
  • Guaranteed Offer Program (Appraised Value)
    TRC’s Guaranteed Offer Program allows clients to complete the relocation process more rapidly. We determine the appraised value of the property and the employee receives a “safety net” offer to purchase the home if it does not sell during a prescribed marketing period. Clients benefit from reduced temporary living and travel expenses.
  • Amended Value Program
    TRC’s Amended Value Program is similar to the Guaranteed Offer Program. The main difference is that if the employee receives an offer that is higher than the Guaranteed Offer, TRC will “amend” the Guaranteed Offer to the higher Amended Value.

Closing Services

We monitor attorneys and title companies for accuracy and compliance with TRC service requirements. We also audit the information generated by municipalities and title offices for accuracy. Our experienced closing department staff has a closing error rate near zero.

Inventory Management

TRC begins an analysis of a potential inventory property even before the employee vacates it. We review all BMAs, appraisals and inspections before any home goes into inventory, as well as agent performance. We discuss a revised pricing strategy with the client and the home is re-listed. TRC communicates continually with the assigned agent, ensuring that his or her focus remains on the subject property.

Property Management

Working with highly qualified local partners, TRC screens tenants, manages leases and rent collection, responds promptly to owners and tenants, coordinates all repairs and maintenance, provides accurate monthly bookkeeping and remains on call 24/7.

Move Management

The breadth, depth and quality of TRC’s MoveSource™ household goods network allow us to meet our clients’ employee move management needs throughout the US and in more than 150 countries worldwide. We use only agents that meet TRC’s stringent requirements, including 100% required self-haul and a 15-day claim remedy /disposition, and the agents work under precise service level agreements. We coordinate and monitor nationwide relocation services, track all expenses, audit invoices, evaluate the quality of the household goods carrier’s service and manage claims. TRC can also coordinate self-haul and other household goods services to meet our clients’ needs.

Employee Relocation: Domestic Culture Shock

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