TRC’s US Destination Services help your employees to find a home that meets their needs quickly and efficiently.  A TRC Relocation Counselor conducts a careful needs assessment and works closely with the employee and a TRC-accredited real estate agent throughout the process, until the employee is settled comfortably.

Temporary Living Assistance

We work with large, nationally known suppliers and leading local firms—all pre-screened by TRC to ensure quality and value. As a leading U.S. destination services firm, TRC conducts a needs analysis, identifies appropriate properties, coordinates and manages all housing details (utilities, cable, internet, furniture), sends a welcome packet and provides clear, simple billing.

Home Finding Services

The TRC Relocation Counselor will conduct a careful needs assessment and introduce useful tools to help your employees locate a suitable home as quickly as possible, including a home buying guide, a mortgage calculator and eNeighborhoods information on property values, schools, local amenities and community demographics.

We help the employee to select a real estate agent, arrange the home finding tour and assist the employee with mortgage pre-approvals. When the employee finds a suitable home, the RC assists with negotiations, accepted offers and contingencies; coordination of closing with other benefits (including avoidance of Storage in Transit); closing statement review; and funding of destination closing benefits.

Area Orientation

Working with our local real estate partners, we arrange a thorough local orientation tour, tailored to the specific needs and tastes of each transferee. More in-depth orientation programs for VIPs or U.S.-inbound international assignees are available; see the details on TRC’s Executive Services.

Mortgage Assistance

TRC’s Mortgage Assistance program helps to make the relocation process as quick, convenient and affordable as possible. TRC’s mortgage partners offer transferees specialized programs and terms, developed with relocating employees in mind. Our approved Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, FHA, VA and Ginnie Mae seller/servicers offer a broad array of mortgage products to meet transferees’ varied needs, quick pre-approval options, direct billing of reimbursable closing costs and special programs to assist international assignees without a U.S. credit history.

Relocation Executive Services

TRC’s Ambassador Program was designed with executive transferees and “must-have” prospective hires in mind. The candidate will receive a thorough overview of the destination city, followed by a driving tour of the area. In the evening, dinner and/or a special event are arranged. Depending on the employee/family needs, the Ambassador orientation can incorporate school visits and other areas of special interest.

Career and Family Assistance

TRC recognizes that personal considerations, such as dual careers and family acclimation, not only can determine whether or not a relocation is accepted but also its ultimate success. Our preferred service partner addresses employee and family transitional needs before, during and after the move to ensure a well-adjusted, engaged and productive transferee.

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