Today’s renters include not just new hires and college grads but many experienced professionals who choose to, or must, rent in the new location. And this diverse population of renters has most of the same priorities and concerns as employees who plan to purchase a home: communities, schools, local amenities, transportation and of course, the property itself.

US Renter Assistance

TRC has gained a deep understanding of each group’s unique needs, and we work closely with each client to provide US rental assistance to meet each client’s profile.

The TRC Relocation Counselor:

  • Explains the rental finding benefit
  • Assesses the employee’s needs and helps to determine the criteria for a rental property
  • Arranges for a personalized information package on the destination, including local statistics, housing options, shopping and recreational facilities, schools, places of worship and more
  • Recommends a destination rental agent
  • Schedules an orientation tour of the new area, to help the employee identify potential communities and properties
  • Reviews leases
  • Manages employee lease cancellation penalty payments, if applicable
  • Works closely with the employee until a new home is found

TRC’s US rental assistance speeds the settling-in process, reduces temporary living costs, increases employee satisfaction and productivity and reduces client administrative burdens.

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