global mobility industryDuring Worldwide ERC’s Americas Mobility Conference in Atlanta, WERC President & CEO Peggy Smith caught up with TRC Global Mobility’s Leo Capotorto to talk disruption, innovation and trends within the talent mobility industry.

Leo came to the US from Argentina and he brings a unique perspective to the mobility business. He points to his culture in shaping his philosophy of not making a big deal over the disruptions that will inevitably impact the industry, but instead to “go with the flow.” He emphasizes that disruption is a “good thing,” but advises that you have to adapt fast.

Watch the following 4-minute interview to hear how Leo’s own cultural shift prepared him for a career in managing cross-culture scenarios, as well as his leadership advice for newcomers to the global mobility industry.


To learn more about managing employee relocation programs with cross culture transitions and diminishing the experience of domestic culture shock,  download the ebook, Employee Relocation: Domestic Culture Shock.



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