Duty of care refers to employers’ legal and ethical responsibility to ensure their employees’ and their families’ health, safety, and well-being while on a relocation assignment or traveling outside traditional workplace boundaries. In the global mobility industry, employer duty of care is critical, particularly when relocating employees and families internationally.

Employers prioritizing their employees’ well-being demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility and ethical business practices. Failure to meet duty of care obligations can damage trust and credibility, negatively affecting the organization’s reputation and overall employee morale.

Though the COVID pandemic is behind us, crisis management and emergency response protocols continue to be critical initiatives from a duty of care perspective. Geopolitical unrest, health and safety risks, and natural disasters are issues that require ongoing attention.

For example, there are growing concerns from foreign nationals coming into the United States on assignment or localization, specifically due to the dynamic and diverse nature of the US and the complex regulatory environment. Issues such as healthcare access, cultural adaptation, safety concerns and legal compliance must be carefully addressed to fulfill duty of care obligations.

The duty of care umbrella stretches far and wide and covers additional topics such as data management and security, supply chain management, and cultural adaptation. More and more employers are incorporating security briefings into their mobility programs, and this trend is expected to continue.

Employer duty of care stands as a cornerstone in the mobility sector and across all industries, dictating how organizations provide support and ensure the safety of their employees at all times. By placing a premium on their workforce’s health, safety and overall well-being, employers meet their legal and ethical duties, cultivate a supportive work atmosphere, and bolster their standing as an employer of choice.

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