Easing the transition of domestic reassignmentsWhether it is a domestic transfer or a global assignment, even the best-managed relocation will upset the employee’s sense of equilibrium. We expect this with international assignments and are much more likely to provide the support needed to make the assignment (and substantial) investment successful. But it is equally important to consider fit and adaptability for domestic moves. Ignoring these concerns will only make things more difficult for the employee and create needless risk of attrition.  

Choosing the Right Candidate

The first step in reducing the stress of a domestic relocation transition is to ensure that you are choosing the best possible candidate in the first place. Candidates who downplay the difficulties of an intra-country move may not fully understand how much it can affect their work and personal life. Throughout your hiring process, make sure that candidates are fully aware of what the relocation entails and what to expect once they arrive. Choosing the right candidate can save you thousands in training and potential attrition in the end.

Assigning Mentors

One of the best ways to ease the way during a domestic relocation transition is by assigning a mentor at the new location. The mentor can provide helpful guidance in managing differences in work and social culture. Ideally, the mentor begins forming a relationship with the relocating employee before the move takes place, answering questions and offering reassurance. Best of all, this costs the company nothing.

Aligning Relocation Benefits and Employee Expectations

While all companies want to control relocation costs, it is important that your employees understand the level of assistance you are willing to provide and what you expect of them. Extremely bare-bones programs, with minimal assistance, may control immediate costs but they provide little support to employees in a stressful situation and increase the risk that they will flounder and the relocation will fail. That will ultimately cost more than a well thought-out package of relocation benefits.

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