Talen Mobility Leaders - Decode the FutureThe global mobility industry is challenged by a shortage of talent and skills, supported by innovative technology and automation, and comprised of a variety of demographics and generational preferences. Additionally, it includes organizational transformations and a global community of mobility professionals. Taking all of these conditions into account, Worldwide ERC® developed its new report, The Perfect Storm: Talent Mobility Leaders Decode the Future.

The report includes recommendations for professionals to build their skills as strategic partners and to gain a better understanding of a rapidly advancing global mobility landscape. You’ll also read about:

  • Future skills for the mobility profession – and the one skill that must be added for optimal expertise
  • Employee experience that super-charges their readiness for leadership roles
  • The impact of the sharing economy on transferee/assignee preferences and behavior
  • Generational “stage of life” needs
  • Strategic partnering for talent retention, skills shortages, workforce changes, geopolitics and technology
  • The accelerated pace of moving work to people
  • The impact of contingent workers on mobility and talent sourcing
  • The changes in store for duty of care in the future of mobility
  • Sourcing and mapping talent versus supply as part of the mobility journey
  • What’s making mobility faster for the future

Download your copy of The Perfect Storm: Talent Mobility Leaders Decode the Future.

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