employee ownedYou may have heard that TRC Global Mobility recently became an employee-owned company. What, exactly, does that mean if you are a TRC client or prospective client?

Empowered Employees

Employee ownership empowers employees. By giving employees the autonomy and flexibility to make judgement calls based on the customer’s needs, we streamline processes and increase customer satisfaction. Our employee-owners know that their actions affect their customers, and ultimately, the success of our company, and they take ownership of their decisions. In short, your success is their success.

Preservation of Company Culture

Many of TRC’s competitors have been involved in mergers and acquisitions that have distracted their employees, disrupted their culture and had a negative impact on the quality of service delivery. The choice of employee ownership ensures continuity, stability and a client-centric focus.

Reduced Turnover

Employee-owners have a personal and financial stake in the company. While TRC has historically had a very low employee turnover rate, the ESOP makes employee-owners even more likely to commit to a long-term career with TRC.

Creative Problem-Solving

Empowered employee-owners are motivated to pursue creative ideas that streamline processes, improve service and reduce costs.

Increased Investment

The ESOP structure can result in significant tax savings, allowing those dollars to be re-invested in leading-edge technology and other initiatives that benefit our clients and their relocating employees.

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