Relocating employees are happiest, and costs are lowest, when they are settled into permanent housing as rapidly as possible.

When this is not possible, providing good temporary living services to employees becomes an important part of a successful relocation process. First impressions make a lasting impact, and for employees who are moving their whole lives to a new location, temporary housing will be their first foray into an unknown environment. Seamless planning and execution is crucial to ensure happy and productive employees.

TRC works with large, nationally known suppliers and leading local firms—all pre-screened by TRC to ensure quality and value. As a leading U.S. destination services firm, TRC conducts a needs analysis, identifies appropriate properties, coordinates and manages all housing details (utilities, cable, internet, furniture), sends a welcome packet and provides clear, simple billing.

There are many considerations in selecting temporary housing, but consider the following best practices:

  1. Know your audience. Consider the various employees that will be covered under your company’s relocation policies and keep in mind that what might be appropriate for a single, entry-level employee might not be appropriate for an executive and his or her family.
  2. Location, location, location. Take into account the proximity to the office, including commute times and the accessibility of mass transit. Also keep in mind that not every employee will desire to live a stone’s throw from the office.
  3. Amenities matter. Consider the amenities located both onsite and near the housing unit. Simple things such as an in-unit laundry or onsite exercise facility can help your relocating employee feel more at home.

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