TRC Global Mobility (TRC) is preparing to move its world headquarters from downtown Milwaukee to the city’s south suburbs. TRC has occupied a historic mansion in Milwaukee’s lakeside Yankee Hill neighborhood since the 1980s. The new location, in Oak Creek, was carefully planned to facilitate collaboration and accommodate larger meetings. In addition, it is near Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport and is easily accessible from anywhere in the Milwaukee and Chicago metro areas.

TRC’s headquarters for many years is known as the Sholes House. It was the previous home of Christopher Latham Sholes, an American inventor, newspaper publisher and Wisconsin politician. He is credited as the inventor of the QWERTY typewriter keyboard as well as being one of the inventors of the typewriter itself. The building includes a collection of historic typewriters in tribute to Sholes.

As with many other companies, the pandemic and the changes it has engendered in work habits prompted TRC’s leaders to reassess its workspace needs. According to TRC Chairman and Founder Paul Haislmaier, “The building had become somewhat of a part of TRC’s culture, not only as a workplace but as the site of many company events. But as a company in the business of change management, we realized it was time to move on.”

Meanwhile, the robust Milwaukee real estate market presented an opportunity to sell the company’s historic building and transition to a newer space that better accommodates current business needs. This change is effective Monday, May 16. The company will shift to the new office over the next several weeks. Service and operations during this time will continue undisrupted.

As of Monday, May 16, TRC’s new office address is TRC Global Mobility, Inc., 7270 S 13th Street, Suite 201, Oak Creek, WI 53154. TRC’s telephone numbers, including the company’s 800 number, are unaffected by this move. Learn more about TRC.

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