remote work policyThe remote work trend was supercharged by the pandemic when even more conservative companies were forced to experiment with a dispersed workforce and implement a remote work policy. Most companies are still sorting out what their post-Covid work environment will look like, including whether and how they will permanently incorporate remote work, whether they will maintain their current office space and locations, and how they will configure these offices.

Decision-makers are always curious about what their peers are planning, and Worldwide ERC® has just released a timely remote work report that gathered perspectives from a global panel of 600 CHROs and senior human resources leaders. In short, it suggests that there’s no turning back from a dispersed workforce. Most employees have embraced remote work, the extra hours it adds to the day and the flexibility it gives them to manage professional and personal responsibilities. Companies are wise to consider this in their planning process.

Some of WERC’s findings are eye-opening:

  • One hundred percent of the respondents implemented a remote work policy.
  • Fifty percent introduced work from anywhere policies, which are far more demanding for most companies to manage.
  • Among employers with more than 10,000 employees, 81 percent expect half or more of their employees to work remotely permanently.
  • On the other hand, 76 percent of smaller employers with 1,000-10,000 employees expect 50 percent or less of their employees to work remotely.

The report discusses the many considerations in managing a dispersed workforce, from culture to compliance. It also highlights the interconnection between remote work and other company objectives: work-life balance, DEI, expanded talent pools, reduced real estate costs and more.

You can download the WERC report, Remote Work: Transformation of the Global Workforce, here.

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