Corporate Relocation Services

Domestic and international corporate relocation can be an essential part of an effective talent management strategy.

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Ready to Expand Your Company’s Potential Talent Pool?

TRC’s corporate relocation specialists empower your company to achieve its broader strategic objectives.

Managing the myriad elements of an employee relocation program becomes more complex each year. The ever-changing tax laws, confusing and stringent visa and immigration regulations and evolving best practices can be overwhelming without help.

TRC can reduce your administrative burdens and let you focus on finding and developing the talent your company needs.

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TRC’s Corporate Relocation Services

We’ll become a virtual extension of your company.

TRC’s corporate relocation services make us a virtual extension of your company. We help you plan and develop a best-practice relocation process and program. We can provide the exact type and degree of assistance you need, including complete relocation program management.

We have assisted companies of all types and sizes, with US domestic programs, global programs and blended domestic/global programs. We can also provide targeted assistance during more unusual circumstances, such as group moves, corporate relocation needs and more unique moving services related affairs.

TRC’s corporate relocation services can help you to ensure your program is competitive and cost effective. The result allows you to attract and retain the talent your company needs to succeed.

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Is Outsourcing Relocation Right For You?

There’s a lot to consider when you’re deciding whether to outsource your relocation program.

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Professional Supply Chain Management

Have you ever attempted to source or manage household goods movers, real estate brokers, mortgage companies, temporary housing, storage, and other suppliers on your own? If you have, you know what an overwhelming task this can be. TRC’s supply chain management process can save your company significant time and money.

Our supply chain network consists of highly qualified household goods partners, appraisers, inspectors, attorneys and real estate agents, carefully selected for quality and value. We employ a rigorous supplier selection and management process that includes:

  • Competitive RFP and presentation
  • Careful due diligence to verify credentials
  • Consideration of previous moving service performance

Once on board, our partners operate under corporate relocation service level agreements that include key performance indicators (KPIs) that are tracked and monitored. They are subject to the same performance standards as TRC employees. Our partners are fully integrated into the corporate relocation service delivery process under TRC’s close supervision.

TRC clients can also leverage our volume pricing, with better rates and terms than they are likely to find on their own.

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No Borders. No Limitations.

Corporate Relocation Management Services

You need the right talent in the right place to support your growth. Don’t let financial, regulatory, or logistical challenges keep you from making your best staffing decisions. We’re here to help.

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Strategic Consulting

TRC has nearly 35 years of policy consulting experience and with employee relocation services management. Our international relocation consultants conduct an initial policy review as part of the implementation process at no extra charge.

Our goal is to ensure that each client’s talent mobility policy reflects current best practices and supports the client’s corporate culture, philosophy and business objectives. We work with clients to implement any policy changes, and continue to monitor and benchmark client policies throughout our relationship.

TRC’s Strategic Consulting services include:

  • Policy Development and Review
  • Industry Benchmarking Data
  • Management Reporting
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Complete Program Management

TRC is a leading corporate relocation company in the industry. We manage every aspect of a best-practice corporate relocation program, greatly reducing client administrative burdens and costs.

TRC’s Complete Program Management services include:

  • Program Administration
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Employee Policy Counseling
  • Client & Employee Reporting
  • Financial Services
  • Group Move Management
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Financial Services

In an era of cost-cutting and tight corporate relocation service budgets, TRC assures clients of transparency and total control over their employee relocation costs and overall moving expenses. Our specialists have deep knowledge of relocation accounting, processing alternatives and IRS regulations.

We ensure each client’s program remains in compliance, executing all financial transactions accurately and providing complete reporting.

TRC’s Financial Services include:

  • Relocation Expense Administration
  • Relocation Tax & Accounting Services
  • Equity Advances
  • Cost Estimating
  • Lump Sum Administration
  • Relocation Debit Cards
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Group Move Management

TRC tames the complexity and costs associated with group moves, finding storage, and relocating an employee – all while rapidly returning employees to productivity. Drawing on our company wide resources and expertise, TRC’s group relocation specialists develop an effective solution tailored to each client’s business needs and acceptance objectives.

TRC’s Group Move Management services include:

  • Cost Of Living Studies
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • On-Site Group Meetings
  • Employee Seminars
  • Individual Counseling
  • Alternative Employee Relocation Benefits
  • Area Tours
  • Counseling in the Destination City
  • Spouse Counseling
  • Mortgage and Storage Assistance

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