Let’s face it: Relocating consistently ranks as one of life’s most stressful experiences. But in our global economy, relocating employees seamlessly is more important now than ever before and for many companies, they engage a relocation company to help them ensure a positive employee experience while also meeting business and talent mobility objectives.

10 Questions to Ask a Relocation Company

1. Talent mobility – a phrase that has quickly become part of our daily business jargon – is the key to keeping the best and brightest committed to a corporation. TRC Global Mobility defines talent mobility as the movement of employees to where they are needed most, sometimes across the world, sometimes right next door. Will your prospective relocation management company (RMC) strategize with you on how best to use talent mobility to help your company achieve its broader strategic objectives?

2. There is no such thing as cookie-cutter relocation. Every employee has unique needs and every company, its own, unique objectives. Will the relocation specialist adapt services, programs, tools and relocation technology to meet your budget and the mobility needs of both your company and your employees?

3. Cost-effective global mobility solutions can make an important contribution to any corporation’s success. Will the corporate relocation partner control costs while delivering optimum value?

4. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Has the relocation company reduced their cost so low that they are skimping on investment in the best people, technology and solutions?

5. You could be moving – or seeking – employees worldwide, even if you’re not thinking in those terms right this moment. Does the company work not only in the United States but throughout the world?

6. It’s often hard for clients to receive quick answers to their relocation needs because so many relocation firms work in silos. Will your prospective relocation company provide open-door access to domestic relocation specialists and quick resolution to any concerns?

7. For optimum client/relocation management company interaction, transparent and honest communication is essential. Will the RMC freely and openly share pricing information and processes and work with your company to acheive your objectives?

8. Relocation company conflicts of interests can compromise your company’s best interests. Is the company independent, selecting, qualifying and training the best suppliers to form a supply chain network, a global supplier network and a household good network, regardless of brand?

9. Employees who are relocating worry about their household goods, their pets, their cars, and how their family will adjust to a new area. Will the relocation company provide professional, empathetic service and make the move as comfortable and expedient as possible?

10. Experience matters. Has the RMC been in business for many years, able to provide references from satisfied clients around the world?


Is Outsourcing Relocation Services Right for You? 

Download the outsourcing relocation white paper to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing, considerations when deciding if it is right for you and best practices in selecting a relocation service provider.

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