emerging megacities mercer studyAccording to a new Mercer study, People First: Driving Growth in Emerging Megacities, 47% of GDP growth between 2010-2025 will come from 443 growth economy cities worldwide. The underlying research question was what will attract the most talented workers to these growing cities—and what will make them stay?

Mercer surveyed 7,200 people in 15 cities and seven countries, asking them what is most important to them in the place they live and work. The results help us to understand what motivates people to stay in or move to a particular city—something of material importance to employers that are competing for talent.

A few highlights:

  • While employers focus on work factors and money, human and social factors are more important in motivating employees to move to a city and stay there. Employers need to do a better job understanding each worker’s needs and customizing communications, benefits and programs for them. One size does not fit all.
  • Mercer found a gap of more than 30 points between workers’ quality of life expectations and how a city is meeting them. Solving problems and optimizing quality of life will require public-private partnerships in infrastructure, safety and housing.
  • Employers and workers are generally optimistic about the future, believing technology will help people to work smarter. But human qualities and skills, and the training to optimize them, remain essential. As the study puts it, “The cities of the future and the future of work depend upon one vital element: people.”

Learn more and download the full study here.

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