As a global relocation company, TRC Global Mobility has discovered some of the perks our clients offer their employees. Today, we share some of the best we’ve come across.

Full-service relocation: While many companies have been attracted to the simple administration of lump-sum payments, these programs do tend to offload a lot of responsibility onto the relocating employee, which can increase distraction and slow the relocation. Recognizing this, many companies continue to offer more comprehensive Buyer Value Option or Guaranteed Buyout services. These more complete home-selling programs can be augmented with services that meet the employee’s unique needs, such as pet transportation, and make the moving experience less stressful.

Massages: Some companies bring in massage therapists at specific times during the week while others have massage therapists on staff to ease tired muscles and relax employees.

Overcoming phobias: Fear of flying or public speaking can ultimately affect an employee’s job performance and advancement potential. Some companies pay for courses or treatment so employees can overcome their fears.

Exercise classes or gyms: Some large companies have full-scale gyms, while others with less space offer various classes throughout the week. This also provides also a chance for workers to interact outside the office setting. Some firms encourage running clubs and sponsor company sports teams.

Game rooms could include the typical darts and pool tables, but those wanting to attract millennials are including arcade games. It’s all about spurring creativity and in some cases, relationship building.

In-kind goods: Employees receive free or at-cost samples of what the company sells.

Retreats: We’ve seen it all, from single rooms where staff can nap during the day or lunch-hour picnics to full vacations at tropical paradises all over the globe.

Free food: The Thanksgiving turkey comes around once a year, but some companies set aside one day each week for free treats such as bagel mornings, pizza lunches, or beer truck Friday afternoons. Some cafeterias are subsidized, so the offerings cost much less than they would at area restaurants.

Vacation: Over the past few decades, many employees have not been taking the vacation time owed them. Forward-thinking corporations recognize the importance of time off and are offering monetary incentives to get the employee to take time off. Some companies have adopted a four-day work week, with employees working nine or 10 hours during work days.

Paid maternity/paternity leave: Some firms are adding to the standard by offering an extra week of paid time off.

Charity begins at work: Company match donation programs have been around for decades, but some companies offer grants to non-profits based on the number of volunteer hours the employee has given.

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