Contract negotiation & signing for corporate relocation companies With the hard work of defining your company’s needs and vetting prospective relocation management companies complete, the final step of the selection process is negotiating the contract with your chosen corporate relocation company.

What to Include in Your Corporate Relocation Company Contract

The contract should evolve from the continuing discussions that have taken place between the client and the new relocation management company. To ensure that expectations are clearly defined—and met—the contract should stipulate:

  • The scope of work and services to be provided
  • Pricing agreements
  • Key performance metrics (employee satisfaction, cost objectives, management feedback)
  • The timetable and format for performance reviews
  • The contract term and provisions for fee adjustments
  • The process for audits
  • Authorization limits for policy exceptions
  • Reporting methods
  • Confidentiality policies
  • Other areas of importance to the client

What’s One of the Best Services to Outsource?

Of all the services a company’s human resources department provides, employee mobility is perhaps one of the best candidates for outsourcing. As relocation has become more complex and labor-intensive, it is simpler and more cost-effective to rely on outside experts to manage the function, and it can remove a large burden from your company.

By carefully considering your company’s specific needs for both domestic relocation and international relocation, and thoroughly vetting prospective suppliers, you can ensure that your company will gain a best-practice program at a competitive price. You will also gain valuable time to focus on core strategic priorities.

TRC would be pleased to work with you to assess your needs and to develop and administer a customized program for your organization.

Is Outsourcing Relocation Services Right for You?


Download the outsourcing relocation white paper to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing, considerations when deciding if it is right for you and best practices in selecting a relocation service provider.



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